July - $150 for orthodontic work for a needy person

$114 for dental work for a needy person

August - $250 toward living expenses to help a person in need

$360 towards cost for medical drugs for a person in need

$2,500 to the United Way Back Pack program.

$2304 towards Camp Enterprise

$8,000 towards the 598 Sabre Squadron Air Cadets

$253 towards the St Peter’s BBQ

September - $1,000 towards the cost of medical treatment for someone in need

$2,000 donation to Operation Eyesight

$500 to Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough for computer software needed for their Learning Disability program.

$3,000 to the Cobourg Public Library for their Give a Card to Every Kid campaign. 

$2100 to CDCI East Scholarships

October - $3,000 to Northumberland Youth for Christ to help with their work in Peru.

$3,000 to Horizons of Friendship to support trip to the Garafundi African Community

$2,000 to Sleeping Children Around the World.

$2,400 to Shelter Box Canada.

$2,000 to the Guatemala Literacy Project.

November - $1,000 to Town of Cobourg’s Outstanding Youth Civic Award

$1,000 to International Silver Stick Regional Championship

$1,000 to West Northumberland Girls Hockey Association for participation in 2009 Wild Winter Classic Hockey Tournament

$1,000 to Cobourg Figure Skating Club to help purchase ice time.


$3,000 to Northumberland Youth for Christ to help with office repairs. 

$1,500 to be Gold Sponsor for the Santa Clause parade.

$11,000 to the Rotary Foundation for World Wide Polio Eradication.

December - $234 to help with dental disease treatment for a person in need.

$3,000 to purchase capital equipment for the Teen Education and Mothering (TEAM) program.

$2127 to Cobourg Scout Reserve to upgrade the water system at their camp.

January - $1,000 to Friends of Honduran Children to support work of 9 High School students to work in orphanages in Honduras.

$436 to assist a father to visit his daughter in the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.

$316 loan to pay rent for a lady waiting spousal support.

February - $1571 to Brookside Secondly School for the purchase to a laptop.

$1,000 to Brookside Secondary School to buy books.

$1,500 Northumberland Read Centre to support professional development.

$4,000 to the Rotary Foundation for the Ecuador Education Project.

March - $10,000 to the Golden Plough Lodge as second payment of a $40,000 pledge.

$3,000 to the Student Chapter of the Canadian Agi Marketing Association (CAMA), University of Guleph, to assist a student in competing in Atlanta.

$6,000 to Rebound Child and Youth Services to operate two sessions of “Guys Read” literacy program for boys.

$25,000 to the Ganaraska Regional Conservation Authority in support of 3 “Green Projects” at their forest center – a rainwater harvesting system, composting toilet and solar electricity generation project.  This was the first of three annual payments for a total commitment of $65,000.

$2,000 for the installation of a wheelchair ramp at a house in Cobourg.

$140 to finance the replacement of birth certificates for a woman whose wallet was stolen.

$350 to St Mary’s Singers of Cobourg to assist a student attend a competition

$200 for monthly rent for a person in need.

April 2009 - $1,000 to the United Way for the Civic Awards.

May - $69 for Easter Eggs for residents of Streamline Villa.

$2,100 for St Mary’s High School Scholarships.

$2,600 for CDCI West High Scholarships.

$4,700 to the Concert Band of Cobourg to purchase a trailer to carry their equipment.

$1,650 to purchase 33 tickets for students to attend YMCA United Way speaker series.

June - $100 for a van rental to enable a person in need to move.

$200 to purchase seeds to grow vegetables for distribution to the Help Center.

$2,000 to Corps 88 Royal Canadian Army Cadets for purchase of five radios.

$2,400 to Shelter Box of Canada.

$1,250 to Cobourg DBIA towards cost of their office move.

$1,500 to Chris Garrett Scholarship.

$5,000 towards roof repair of Cobourg Day Care Center.

$835 to the 1st Cobourg St Peters Traditional Explorer Troop to assist with camping trip to the Cape Breton Highland National Park.

 $1,600 to the Help Center for an orthopedic bed.

$1,000 towards scholarships for children who have lost parents in the Afghanistan War.