Youth Services donated $1000 to support Ralph Moulton's five-day ride through the Rocky Mountains as part of Canadian Tire JumpStart Pedal for Kids Cycling Tour - a community-based charitable program that helps kids aged 4-18 participate in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming.   

Youth Services donated $1,000 to Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps 88 to assist in their travel expenses to attend as Honour Guard to celebrate the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration parade on September 14, 2013.  Corp 88 is affiliated with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.  Their Commanding Officer, Captain John Sudano, stated that it is amazing that we have been invited to attend such a prestigious activity. 

Special Needs donated $750 to assist with the purchase of a wheel chair for a Parkinson patient. 


$3,000 to the Northumberland United way’s Backpack for Kids program.  In August a record number 1,700 backpacks were stuffed with school supplies for local children who might otherwise not be able to afford them.

$300 to a grade 11 student at CDCI East to cover the registration fee to attend an Ontario Nature Summit for Youth in Orillia in September.  Ontario Nature is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters and almost 150 member groups from across Ontario.

$750 to Cobourg Bantam Junior Angels to assist with travel the Eastern Canadian Softball Championships in Cornwall P.E.I..

$1,415 to Assist with the Purchase of Part of a Lift System to assist with the purchase of the ceiling track part of a lift system needed to care for a ten year old boy in Cobourg.

$500 to assist with the purchase of dentures for a person in Cobourg.


Youth Services donated $300 to Hannah Swain to cover the registration fee to attend an Ontario Nature Summit for Youth in Orillia.  Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement.

Youth Services donated $300 to Jasmine McBride to offset costs to represent TEAM CANADA at the IDO World Hip Hop Championships 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark in October.

Special Needs donated $400 to assist with the purchase of a motorized wheel chair for a man who cannot walk safely due to post-polio syndrome.

Community Projects & Events donated $1,000 to St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School to assist with the purchase of perishable items for the breakfast program for their students.

Community Projects & Events donated $3,000 to the Cobourg Public Library to be used towards the $25,000 cost of new, wheel chair accessible doors.


The club presented the Town of Cobourg with our fourth $60,000 installment of our $300,000 commitment to the Cobourg Community Centre. To date we have contributed $240,000.

The club forwarded $17,845 from the Foundation Walk to the Rotary Foundation.

$28,245 from the Foundation Walk to Rotary International.

The proceeds of the sale of Chrysanthemums, $7,500 Rotary International Polio Plus.

Eight cheques totaling $2,600 to the C.D.C.I. (Four Academic Awards for $500 to Krissy Austin, Briony Lago and James Bruce. The Character Award for $500 went to Miranda Cochrane. The $200 Co-op Award went to Bri Holmes. The Senior Canadian Studies Award for $200 went to Sarah Ormel. Club Technical Awards for $100 to Liam Archibald, and Todd Jouwstra.)

$1,600 to help pay for significant dental work for a five year old boy.

$2,000 to the Cobourg Public Library to enhance their Share Your Stories Writing.

$1,500 to Friends of Honduran Children to assist with the cost of medical supplies, drugs and support supplies for the medical team travelling to the remote area of Mesquite Honduras in February.

$1,100 to Canadian Support for Rural African Initiatives for the purchase of construction materials and supplies for the construction of school desks, repairs to the cook house and create two new gardens at Kisulini Primary school and Kilema Primary school.

A donation to the Rotary Club of Uxbridge for $3,000 as part of a Global Grant Application in partnership with Dignitas International. This project’s objective is to help in the elimination of mother to child HIV in Malawi. Nine other Rotary clubs are involved in this Global Grant application. The Uxbridge Rotary Club is seeking $37,000.00 from other clubs as part of this proposal.

$1,300 to the Cobourg Cougar Minor Midget A Hockey Club to support their trip to Sweden to play in the World Junior Championship this December.

$1,000 for the Outstanding Youth Award to be presented at the thirteenth annual Town of Cobourg Civic Awards on February 26, 2014.

$430 to C.R. Gummow School in support of the three day school trip to Montreal for Grade seven and eight students in June, 2014.

$250 to Brenna Owen for $250 in support of her trip to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.


$3,500 to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, 598 Sabre Squadron to assist with the Squadron’s operating expenses. A contribution agreement has been arranged between the Club and the Air Cadets.

Community project and Events Committee donated $500 to The Giving Tree for their 25th annual Christmas Drive to provide Christmas gifts for children throughout Northumberland County. The Giving Tree works with the Salvation Army and last year they distributed gifts to 1,436 children.

Literacy Committee donated $1,001.88 CDN ($920.00 US) to support the Guatemala Literacy Project. This project qualified for matching grants and the Literacy Committee’s donation was leveraged up to approximately $3,500 as follows: The Rotary Foundation provides a 50% match of our donation or $500. District 7070 Dedicated Funds provides a 100% match of our donation. The Rotary Foundation provides a 100% match of the D7070 Dedicated Funds.

Special Needs Committee made two donations to help pay for significant dental work for two people in need. One donation was for $1,000 and another was for $900.   Another $109.42 donation from Special Needs paid for a foot scrubber and a further $190.00 was donated for a bathtub transfer pole.

World Community Services Committee donated $6,500 to The Canadian Landmine Foundation to furnish three classrooms at the Bakong Technical College in Siem Reap Cambodia. This school is the concept of a survivor of the “killing fields” of the notorious Khmer Rouge regime of the mid to late 1970’s. The school seeks to promote skilled trades in a country that has a huge need for these skills.

World Community Services donated $3,500 to Sleeping Children Around the World in support of their distribution in India in 2014.  Sleeping Children Around the World provides bedkits to children of any race and/or religion who will benefit the most. These children are typically located in underdeveloped and developing countries. Since its founding in 1970, Sleeping Children Around the World has raised over $23 million to provide bedkits for children in 33 countries. In 2009 they reached their millionth child.

World Community Service also donated $5000 to Doctors Without Borders to assist with their work in Syria, particularly the Domeez Camp in Iraq.  Doctors Without Borders was established in 1971 by a small group of French doctors who had worked in Biafra. They were determined to find a way to respond rapidly and effectively to public health emergencies, with complete independence from political, economic and religious influences.

World Community Service Committee made a $3,000 donation for the Kimmirut Computer Project. Kimmirut is a community in Nunavut, on the south shore of Baffin Island's Meta Incognita Peninsula.   This money will fund eight computers and bring modern technology to students and staff and will have lasting educational benefits.

The Club approved the purchase five Shelterboxes for $5,000 for the disaster in the Philipines.


Camp Enterprise – the Rotary Club of Cobourg contributed $7,407.36 to the Camp Enterprise to pay for our share of the Camp’s expense.

Youth Services Committee donated $1,350 to enable 16 year old St. Mary's High School student who is under the foster care program, in Cobourg to participate in a European High School Education Tour to Italy in March.

Youth Services Committee donated $1,000 to support St. Mary’s High Scholl Singer’s trip to Chicago to participate in the Heritage Vocal Festival of Gold competition in April. St Mary’s has participated in this music festival for the past 12 years. Choirs from all over North America compete in this event.

Youth Services Committee also contributed $1000 to the Queen’s University Rotaract Club’s Community Outreach Project to a First Nations Reserve in northern Ontario in May. The Queen’s University Rotaract Club, a junior affiliate of Rotary International, takes part in annual, non-profit community service projects on both local and international levels.

Special Needs Committee made a donation to reinstate the driver’s licence for a single parent to enable employment.

World Community Services Committee donated $2,000 to the Rotary Club of Belleville to partner with them in their project to improve the living conditions of the housing of the Northern First Nation Community at Fort Albany on James Bay. The project has a matching district grant to install ventilation fans in 35 houses to control and reduce mould.


 In October the Cobourg Public Library received $2,000 to enhance their already popular Share Your Stories Writing Contest. This donation included $500 to bring a high profile speaker to speak to children about the value of reading and writing in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the contest. Unfortunately the speaker was unable to come and the extra $500 was returned.

Last month the Community Project and Events Committee donated $1,500 to Beginnings Family Services Northumberland for their “Nurture our Future” program. Funds are to be used to meet the nutritional and emotional needs of at risk mothers and children in our community.

The Club of Cobourg made a donation of $139.00 to Rotary Action for the Development of AIDS Responses, also known as RADAR, our District’s AIDS committee. The RADAR initiative was created with the encouragement of Past District Governor Bill Patchett. $139 represents the approximate cost to treat an HIV+ mother and her baby for one year in 2006.


Community Project and Events Committee donated $1,000 to the Northumberland Christian School to help with upgrades and renovations to their building. The project is expected to cost $10,000. The school has been serving the community since 1978 as an independent, interdenominational elementary school. This is the first time that they have approached our Club for help.

Community Project and Events Committee donated $1,000 to the Northumberland Christian School to help with upgrades and renovations to their building. The project is expected to cost $10,000. The school has been serving the community since 1978 as an independent, interdenominational elementary school. This is the first time that they have approached our Club for help.

The Youth Services Committee provided $900 towards a trip to PEI for the 1st Cobourg St. Peter’s Scouts for approximately 15 youth aged from 11 to14 and adults from their Explorer Troop. The Scouts will explore the history and culture of PEI, and expand their understanding and appreciation of this region, and of Canada. The Troop has been working to raise funds for this trip since September, 2013.

The Special Needs Committee donated $770 as partial payment of a scooter for a Cobourg resident with mobility issues. With this help this individual can regain independence within her home and community.

The Special Needs Committee donated $279 as partial payment for various items including a bath seat, non-slip bath mat, hand held shower and installation of grab bars for the washroom of a disabled woman. With this help this individual may continue to live an independent life.



Community Projects & Events: $10,000 to the Ontario Parasport Games to be held in Northumberland County from May 30 to June 1to be the Elite sponsor of the medals and the t-shirts for the volunteers.

$7,000 to the Northumberland Players to assist with the purchase of lighting and associated equipment upgrades.

$4,347.42 to the Help Centre of Northumberland to be used with their volunteer income tax preparation program. The Help Centre helps the unemployed and disadvantaged residents in the real world problems of low-income people.

Youth Services: $480 to the Canadian Federation of University Women Northumberland to purchase 8 tickets to enable young people from local high schools to attend the CFUWN luncheon where the speaker will be Sheila Fraser, former Auditor General of Canada.

$500 to help Alexa van Laren for her trip to South Africa to volunteer with Reach Out Volunteers.   Alexa has a part-time job at school and is saving much of that money to fund the trip. Alexa will be staying and working in a small village with 700 inhabitants and about 12 families who live in impoverished circumstances.

$500 to Kaye Jackson to help with the purchase of a computer and textbooks for Engineering Student Esther Okode of Kenya. This was done in partnership with the Bowmanville Rotary Club. This helps a group of 25 students and medical professionals from Fleming College and other organizations who are on route to Honduras with an organization called Global Medical Brigades. Each year Global Brigades mobilizes thousands of university and college students around the world to participate in 9 different skills-based programs to improve the quality of life in under-resourced communities.

$3,100 to sponsor Scholarship Awards in support of St. Mary’s High School Graduation in June 2014.

Literacy: $1,500 to help to purchase books of the poets to give to the children attending from different schools. Some funds were also used to bring a high profile poet to Cobourg.

Special Needs: $64 towards a headrest for a wheel chair.


Special Needs Committee donated $56 toward the purchase of a transfer pole for a man with a history of diabetes who is having difficulty with bed transfers and mobility within the home. This equipment will promote independence and safety in the home for a man who could not afford to buy it.

Special Needs Committee donated $999.77 towards the purchase of a computer for a severely disabled boy who, among several severe disabilities, is unable to communicate except through a special computer program.

Youth Services Committee donated $1,000 to the Northumberland Paramedics’ bike helmet safety campaign for 150 bicycle helmets. Children cycling without a helmet will be provided with a letter on the importance of protective head-wear with details about where families in need can obtain free helmets. The Northumberland County Department of Community and Social Services will be assisting.


Community Projects & Events Committee awarded $15,000 for renovations of four bathrooms and bedrooms as part of a renovation project that will take place over the next year at the Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre.

New Generations Committee donated $2,500 to the Northumberland Centre for Individual Studies. The Rotary Club of Cobourg has supported the Centre for Individual Studies academic awards program for the past five years.

$500 was donated for the Cobourg Rotary ‘Gordon C. King’ Scholarship to be awarded to a University/College bound student in financial need who has achieved a C+ grade or better and has received no other scholarships.

$200 was for the Cobourg Rotary Co-op Award for the student who achieves the greatest benefit and success from participation in Co-op Education Program.

$500 was for the Roger Harp Interact Leadership Award given to a student who is University or College bound, has been an Interact member for at least two years and has exhibited leadership within the school and/or community.

$500 was for the Rotary Character Award to be awarded to a student planning on focusing on Sciences for career in Medicine.

The Literacy Committee donated $1,500 to Books with No Bounds. Books With No Bounds provides Aboriginal children and teens living in remote communities, with books donated by publishers, authors, schools, individuals and organizations.

The Special Needs Committee donated $1,000 to help pay for transportation to Toronto for a man who must travel there for his cancer treatments.

In May $339 was donated to pay for the installation of a threshold to provide safer mobility for an individual in need.


Chris Garrett Memorial Scholarship ($1,500) was awarded to Amber Cane. She just raduated from the West and has been accepted into the Police Foundations Program at Durham College.


The Special Needs Committee donated $250 towards the purchase of dentures for a Colborne woman. The Rotary Club of Colborne also donated $250.