Objectives of the Program

To provide the student with the opportunity to

- Further international goodwill and understanding

- Study in a new academic environment

- Really learn another language

- Experience life from a different point of view

- Learn first hand about different cultures

- Act as a Canadian Ambassador to the people they meet on their exchange.

- Pass on experiences they had when they return

- Develop skills and confidence to last a lifetime


Who is Eligible?

Full time Secondary school students who are

Canadian citizens at least 16 but not yet 18 at the time of departure to host country, of good character, reputation and recommended by their school. They must be in good health with no significant pre existing medical conditions and reside in the Rotary club area.


How long is the Exchange?

The selected student(s) will study abroad for 10 to 11 months.Exchanges usually start in August. Southern hemisphere exchanges  start in August or in some cases can be delayed to February.


Where might I go?

Successful candidates will get to indicate a preference from each of 4 country groupings District 7070 has established exchange programs with. The district committee will then allocate all of the outbound students trying to satisfy one of their preferences. The district currently has exchanges with Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Successful candidates must be prepared to go to any of the exchange countries in the current year.


Where will I stay?

Exchange students are hosted by a local Rotary Club. This Club will make arrangements for you to live with one to five Rotary or Rotary approved host families while you are away. The Rotary district will have events bringing all of the inbound students together during the exchange term.


How will they treat me?

The host family will treat you as one of the family. You are expected to adapt to each family style and integrate into their routines.

To help you deal with challenges the local Rotary Club will provide a counselor who you can use to help with special situations. In addition there is a district Youth exchange committee in your host country who can also help you. If the challenges are still not resolved District 7070 Y.E. committee will get involved.

Adapting and dealing with a wide variety of different situations is one of the major benefits the exchange student gains from the program.


What about school?

You must attend school full time. This is key for your integration with your peers in your host country. Rotary is responsible for your tuition etc. You are responsible for course materials.. Depending upon the courses taken and the language you may or may not take their exams.


Will I get school credits?

Do not count on receiving credits for your year away. Only your school here can grant credits and these would only be considered after you return and your academic progress is evaluated. The Ministry of Education has not established rules for credits for exchange students.


Can I travel?

While on exchange unsupervised and solo travel is not permitted. You will have many opportunities to travel with host families, through Rotary and school sponsored events and trips. Rotary is responsible for your safety and will ensure you have a safe and fulfilling year.


What are the rules and restrictions?

- No Driving, No Drugs, No Drinking

- No serious Dating (Steady boyfriend/girlfriend)

- Don't break any laws.

- ADAPT to host country culture and host families

- Be a good ambassador for Canada, Rotary, your community and your families


Who pays what?

You/your parents pay for:

Transportation costs and travels while away

Health coverage while away. (Additional insurance costs may be incurred due to pre existing medical conditions)

Language/culture school at start of your exchange

Clothing and school uniforms

Cash reserve fund held in trust for emergencies (Usually $500 with balance refunded at end of the exchange)

Supplementary allowance and special activities.


Host Rotary Club provides :

School tuition arrangements

Room and board

Special Rotary Club and District events

A small monthly allowance

Transportation to and from school


Sponsor Rotary Club provides:

Pre departure orientations for student and parents

Rotary youth exchange red blazer and white polo shirt

The hosting of an inbound student to provide the outbound student with the opportunity to be an

exchange student.


Who gets to go?


The Rotary Club of Cobourg will interview applicants and their parents and select the best candidate(s). The successful candidate(s) and parents will attend two training sessions starting in early February to prepare them for the exchange.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens in good health, living in the Cobourg area, attending high school full time and be 16 by August 15 and not yet 18 by August 25 in the year they start their exchange and recommended by their school.


Where do I get an application?


Preliminary brochures for interested candidates may be obtained from your guidance office. Students should review this brochure with their parents.


We will have an information meeting with interested candidates and their parents  in mid October. Student and at least one parent must attend to receive a preliminary application.


Contacts for further information


Barry Vail     

Brian McAdam

Gael Moore